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BASF expands RTP footprint

German chemical manufacturer BASF opened its new global Agrochemical Application Research Center (AARC) in Research Triangle Park last week.

The AARC contains a wind tunnel to test the drift potential from spray applications by measuring the droplet size distribution in herbicides and pesticides sprayed on crops. Solutions being analyzed are sprayed into a controlled air stream using the same nozzles available to growers. Droplet size distribution is important because it is used to predict the size of land buffers that are required for acceptable product application in commercial settings. Knowing proper application constraints will mitigate the risk of off-target movement and subsequent crop symptomology or injury in downwind locations.

“The new Research Center will help us bring new technologies to growers that reduce drift, use rates and fulfill required regulatory testing,” said Paul Rea, Senior Vice President North America, BASF’s Agricultural Solutions division. “Additionally, research from the facility will provide our Technical Service teams with guidelines to help educate our customers on proper application and stewardship best practices.”